Mudslide breaks again on Route 174 in Camillus


arly this morning, neighbors living on State Route 174 in Camillus saw the only road which passes by their home closed yet again by a mudslide.

With all these mudslides coming to the same area due to the steep terrain around the are and heavy rains this season, Renate Ussery has had to make adjustments to her daily life as the mother of three all because of mother nature.

"It was really bad, because when my children were still in school. The school bus couldn't get down here. They actually had to call me at the end of the day and the said you have to come to the school and pick her up, because there's no way for the bus to get up and down the street," says Ussery.

Commuting and getting around the road closures is the least of her worries. "Where the mudslide is, there's a house directly underneath it. I worry about "A," is this just a minor thing that's going to keep happening? "B" is it significant? Is there going to be a big mudslide like there was down in the valley several years ago," says Ussery.

Gene Cilento with the State DOT says if there was something to add or construct to help alleviate this problem they would, but they go on to say that unfortunately, the water has a mind of its own.

"It's hard to predict where the water's going to go. You could build a trench in one spot and then during the next rain storm, it may follow a different path," says Cilento.

A path which everyone hopes wonâ??t lead to any severe damage during this rainy season which has caused headaches all around.

The previous mudslide happened on June 6.