Murder victim's mother speaks out after killer's release, asks â??Whereâ??s the justice?â??

LaTeisha Green

The parents of a transgender woman who was shot and killed in 2008 spoke out Thursday, a week after her killer was released from prison.

LaTeisha Green's mother and father spoke out at a news conference in Syracuse about the

overturn of Dwight DeLee's manslaughter conviction

on a technicality.

Roxanne Green said she was "angry" that DeLee was out of jail and free walking the streets.

"I want him to feel the pain I feel every day, every day. I want him to know you can't walk around here killing somebody because of who they are. What gives you that right?," Green says.

She asked "Where is the justice?" and said that the release of a known killer on a technicality makes her not believe in the justice system at all.

"I can't believe you can kill somebody, get sentenced for it and then all of a sudden you are free," says Green.

A local attorney, Mallory Livingston, says paperwork filed from the jury's foreman shows the jury clearly believed DeLee was guilty of manslaughter. Livingston says this is a technicality because the jury was looking to convict DeLee of the most serious charge, but the appeals court ruled that the verdict was inconsistent because the jury found DeLee guilty of first degree manslaughter as a hate crime, but not of regular first degree manslaughter.

Livingston and NYCLU chapter director Barrie Gewanter say the jury was trying to convict DeLee of the most serious charge, but may have lacked the proper instruction on how to do so, resulting in the inconsistent verdict.

The Onondaga County District Attorney's Office say they are "disappointed" in the appeals court's ruling, and are waiting for permission to appeal to a higher court. The DA's office says it is "hopeful and confident" that their appeal will be successful.