Musicians are preparing for Beatles concert

Dean Brothers

This Saturday at 7pm at the Landmark Theater, a concert remembers the Beatles taking the country by storm when they came on the Ed Sullivan show fifty years ago.

40 musicians are taking part in a concert which features Beatles music. Half of them are SAMMY winners.


n Auburn, The Dean Brothers are hard at work. They're making sure every chord sounds perfect.

Holland Gregg plays with the Dean Brothers. "

I mean they were just phenomenal song writers to begin with and they did so many things so well -- but one of the things that they did which intrigued us the most was is their harmony work and their beautiful melodies

," says Gregg.

While gearing up for a concert to celebrate the Beatles taking the stage on The Ed Sullivan Show.. Those playing remember every single note and beat like it was yesterday.

Robert Dean and his brother John also play with the Dean Brothers. "W

hen they played it was like just screaming even in the audience at the Ed Sullivan studios. The girls were all screaming, the guys were screaming it was so different and new

," says Robert. "In the sixties there was a lot of change happening. We're coming out of World War 2, through the fifties and then the sixties started happening and so there was just a lot of energy besides the Beatles going on back then too... just really amped it up. It was really amped," says John.

When this concert kicks off at the Landmark theater on Saturday, these musician hope that those in the audience who remember the Beatles coming onto Ed Sullivan will use this concert to spread the music they grew up with to younger generations.

Paul Davie is the promoter for this show. "They broke so much ground that it just stayed with the baby boomers and passed it on to the second generation such as myself, third and fourth generations now," says Davie.

A concert which hopes to continue to bring the music from the past into the present. Tickets can be purchased on ticketmaster, or at the Landmark Theater box office. All proceeds are going to the Carol Baldwin Foundation.