Must see fall foliage photos " Let TMs see yours!

Autumn Brook / Olegas Kurasovas

Click on the slideshow and see these amazing pictures from National Geographic. On occasion, the National Geographic web site highlights some amazing pictures and assembles them for all to see. This week, they have some great autumn scenes from here in New York and from around the world. For more information on why leaves change color and what goes into making the brightest and most beautiful leaves, click here for a great explanation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Which picture do you like the best? Comment at the bottom of this web story.

With peak colors expected within most of our viewing area this weekend, you may want to take some pictures and share them with us. Maybe you have already done so. Here at CNYcentral, we also have a section dedicated to pictures where you can view and upload pictures yourself. That section is called MyCNYcentral. It is an area where you can share photos and videos with everyone who visits the site. MyCNYcentral has different sections where you can see whose pictures and videos are highest rated and most viewed. There is also a pets section for the animal lover in you. Plus, there is a recently added section where new pictures and videos are seen quickly. Since the summer season is winding down, we hope you will share some of the great pictures and videos that you have taken here locally in central New York and possibly elsewhere around the country or around the world. As we know, each picture is worth a thousand words. So, let TMs see the photos fly. Visit MyCNYcentral right now and share with us your summer fun!

Did you add a picture or video to our MyCNYcentral page? If so, let me know by commenting on this web story at the bottom of this web page. Besides posting photos and videos on this page, you can also e-mail our newsroom by sending pictures or videos to and

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