'Mustache Bash' raises money for Make-a-Wish

On Friday night, members of the Saint Joseph's Hospital cardiology team came together for a "Mustache Bash," the culmination of a month-long initiative called "Manuary."

For the month of January, eight men from the cardiology team grew their beards and mustaches, and traded their suits and white coats for plaid shirts and jeans at work.

"It's a very small sacrifice that we can make to help somebody, and this year we're doing it for Make-a-Wish," explained Dr. Alan Simons. "And if one person can have a good day and maybe forget about something bad that's happening in their life, it's a great thing for us to do."

For one cardiologist, shaving his mustache is something he has not done in years. "This is the first time that I was able to shave my mustache since I was a little kid," said Dr. Ayman Iskander.

The women involved donned fake mustaches for the night's event, which began at Hall of Fame Barber Shop on Walton Street in Syracuse, and then moved across the street for dinner at The Blue Tusk.

Despite being lighthearted and fun, the event came with a sobering reminder. "This gives everybody a chance to think that there are other people in need," said Dr. Iskander. "This is something they miss, that we take for granted in our society, in our lives."

The St. Joseph's cardiology team was able to donate more than $2,000 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.