'My Lucky Tummy' brings international cuisine to Syracuse

'My Lucky Tummy' is a traveling pop-up food court, making its second stop on Friday night at ProLiteracy in Syracuse.

The food court employs local refugees to make dishes from their native countries. The event is the brainchild of Adam Sudmann, who is looking to bring international flavor to cities across New York.

"I thought, 'Well, let's do a food court," said Sudmann. "Because in Africa and Asia, they have these food courts...A family will come and say, 'Oh, we cook one or two things pretty well. Let's do those one or two things.' We're recreating that here."

For $25, guests got to enjoy foods from Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Ghana, Laos, and Cambodia.

"I think this is amazing because there's so many cultures and so many different types of food," said Gagan Singh. "I only eat Indian food and pizza. So this is a really good experience for me to try different things."

The event also gave local refugees a chance to showcase their native dishes and educate others about their foods.

"This is like, to me, really lovely," said Somayyeh Alizedeh, who made an Iranian rice dish. "It's a good place to be together, knowing each other. Different foods, different cultures, different things."

Sudmann hopes to expand 'My Lucky Tummy' to six cities across New York, stopping in each city four times a year.