NASCAR star visits Central New York

NASCAR driver Regan Smith signed autographs for fans on Thursday at the State Fair's go-kart track.

Dozens of young racers get together and compete each week at the State Fair's go-kart track. Nearly 20 years ago, NASCAR driver Regan Smith was one of those kids.

The Central New York native came back to town on Thursday night to meet some of the current go-kart racers and pay a visit to the community that raised him.

"Well, I think first and foremost you've got to remember where you're from and you've got to remember your roots," said Regan Smith. "And if it wasn't for the Syracuse-Geddes Microd Club, I probably wouldn't be racing right now. And that's the fact of the matter."

One member of the racing club, who remembers Regan as a child, saw his talent and potential from when he began racing at only four-years-old. "He came out and right from the beginning, he started winning," said Syracuse Microd Club President Tom Wilcox. "He just was more advanced than the other children at that age, and so you could see that he had some talent at that time."

The kids who race were excited to meet Regan, who spent time at the club's weekly race and signed autographs.

"I think it's going to be pretty cool, pretty interesting to see a NASCAR driver come to a track where he might have raced when he was little," said driver Zachary Hall.

"I'm excited about it," said racer D.J. Forbes. "He's a good guy, and all the kids like him"

Regan has fond memories of the time he spent racing at the State Fair's track. "It was about coming out with your family and hanging out with your parents and doing something," said Regan. "For me, this was my version of Little League."