National legal expert calls for investgation into Cortland County D.A.'s lie

A nationally recognized legal expert who has testified before congress is calling upon the New York Bar to investigate Cortland County District Attorney Mark Suben.

Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University called for the investigation in his blog, after Suben admitted he intentionally lied last month by denying he was a porn actor in the '70's.

Though the D.A. apologized for lying to the media including CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, Suben said he didn't want his bid for re-election to be "high-jacked" by a smear campaign.

In his blog, Professor Turley wrote: "Suben lies about a fact that he admits, if true, would likely cost him the election. He proceeds to accuse his opponents of launching a smear campaign and even putting false information on porn sites. He then secures reelection, admits the lie, and then refuses to resign."

Professor Turley says the New York Bar Association needs to look into whether this was an "act of dishonesty used to secure a legal position." He points out that a lie for that purpose may violate specific rules regarding misconduct under the rules of the New York Bar.

The Cortland County Bar Association is expected to take up the matter next week.

Suben's stunning admission on November 16th that he had acted in adult films under the name of Gus Thomas during the '70's has gained international attention