National parks remain closed during government shutdown

When Kathy and Courtney Bailey planned their trip from Sacramento to Upstate New York, the Women's Rights National Park was one of the top attractions on their list. They made it to the park but instead of going inside the hall where the first women's rights convention was held, they could only peer inside through the windows. The Women's Rights National Park is one of four hundred and one parks that remained closed on Tuesday while the federal government was shut down.

"To come here was a big part of my job and of course being a woman - to see this, it's nice to be here but we're really missing out on the museum and its very disappointing," said Courtney Bailey.

Fort Stanwix in Rome was also closed. Campers were given two days to vacate other national parks and forests while Democrats and Republicans try to come to an agreement in Washington.

The Women's Right's National Park is a big part of Seneca Falls' identity but locked doors and dark buildings aren't much of a tourism draw.

"It just seems like such a ridiculous reason and it seems to me there's no rhyme or reason why they couldn't have settled this before the October 1st deadline. It's ridiculous," said Kathy Bailey.

Alvin and Louise Hostetter came to Seneca Falls from Virginia but left the village disappointed. The couple are hoping they don't have to plan their next vacation around the status of a political debate in congress.

"There's many reasons why I hope they can solve this and I have confidence that they will," said Louise Hostetter."Frankly I think there's a lot of posturing going one."

"They need to do their jobs and pass laws, take care of their constituents not shut down the government for their own political gains," said Alvin Hostetter.