Natural gas leak on Syracuseâ??s north side caused by copper thieves

Natural gas leak reported on Syracuse's north side

A section of Court Street, on Syracuse's north side, is closed to traffic while National Grid crews work to repair a natural gas leak.

Police were called to 2313 Lodi Street around 12:00 p.m. for a report of a burglary. Police arrested two individuals, but also noticed the vacant building was open and natural gas was leaking.

The Syracuse Fire Department says the leak was caused by thieves who were trying to steal copper piping from the vacant building at the corner of Court Street and Lodi Street. In addition to the copper pipes, the thieves stole the shutoff valve.

Work crews had to dig a hole near the building to shut the gas off. Fire officials say the free-flowing gas into the air posed a danger and could have caused an explosion.

The Onondaga County Office of Emergency Management says Court Street, between North Salina Street and Sunset Avenue, is closed to all traffic until workers have repaired the leak. The street is expected to open before 3:00 p.m.

National Grid says no customers were impacted.