Neighbors come together and say a boulevard option is not the answer for 81

Neighbors meet in Syracuse to voice their opinions against a boulevard option for 81.

The decision on the future of 81 will impact everyone in Syracuse.

Many neighbors joining together in Syracuse say negative impacts will be felt the most if a boulevard is put in to replace 81.

Rev. James Thompson was speaking at Thursday's meeting on the south side. "I already know that the boulevard is going to take up a huge track of land that means a lot of housing and a lot of businesses and a lot of things going to be replaced," says Thompson.

Many remember when 81 went up more than 50 years ago. They want to prevent what they call a mistake from happening again.

Lucy Johnson was also there giving her opinion on what should be happening in her city. "I'm afraid that the same travesty that we had will happen again, it's just repeating the same... low income people will have to go when they have no place to go," says Johnson.

In addition to problems with housing, those speaking and listening like Twiggy Billue say increased noise, longer commutes and more air pollution are among the negative effects a boulevard would bring.

"This will not end here I'm sure and it will not end tonight but tonight you have a historical perspective about why people are so emotional about this," says Billue.

Friday is the last day neighbors can put in their opinions on the future of 81. If you would like to voice your opinion click here.