Neighbors describe Rome man stabbing estranged wife in broad daylight

Carrie Werenski was stabbed and killed in front of her Rome apartment on Saturday.

Chloe Danielle Bryant just moved into this Rome neighborhood with her mom and stepfather six months ago. Just last week, she remembers meeting Christopher Werenski.

"They were yelling over there and then he came back and he sped out and stopped and talked to my stepdad. We all started talking and he was very nice and he was saying I don't know why she's doing this. We've been married for some odd years and he wasn't angry or anything," says Bryant.

Days later, Werenski was charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Carrie Werenski.

Neighbors say Carrie Werenski was stabbed 10 times on the sidewalk in front her new apartment, in broad daylight.

Prior to Saturday's stabbing, Rome Police had been called to the apartment two other times this month after Chris Werenski allegedly violated an order of protection.

Bryant's stepfather saw the brutal attack and it's taking a toll.

"He's anxious. He told me today that's why he went to the hospital. He feels like he needs to see somebody. My mom told me he hasn't slept. So she's worried about him too," says Bryant.

Bryant's stepfather had just walked out of the convenience store across the street from Carrie Werenski's apartment. She was right behind him with her brothers and sisters.

"We had walked over to the store and we were just getting ready to leave when my mom came in and said we have to get out of here. We need to find a safer spot. Someone has just been stabbed," says Bryant.

This area has seen its fair share of crime in the past five years including a deadly shooting in 2010 and a double homicide just down the street last year.

While her stepdad seeks mental health counseling because of what he saw, Bryant says she's being a little more careful.

"It just goes to show what people can do. It's kind of like be careful who you trust. Because that was her husband. I don't know. That's why you don't go and talk to random people in the street," says Bryant.

Christopher Werenski remains in Rome police lockup. He returns to court Wednesday to answer to charges he killed his wife of 26 years.