Neighbors fear more problems after Eastwood fire

A mountain of burnt debris is all that TMs left behind one day after a massive fire in Eastwood. The vacant building went up in flames Thursday morning.

The fire started, police say, when a homeless man broke in, used a torch to cut pipes inside and in the end sparked the fire. Michael Sharpe, who lives next door, says the building has been vacant for years. He has been calling on the building TMs owner to board it up. He TMs tried unsuccessfully to get Byrne Dairy to board up the building so we said it was going to happen and it happened, Sharpe said.

Some say that may not be the answer. Aaron Wood, Vice President of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association, is pushing for redevelopment instead. Vacant building are just an eyesore and bring a negative impact to our community, Wood said.

He says efforts to redevelop are being hampered by strict zoning requirements, rules and regulations which are discouraging developers from investing in Eastwood. It is leaving this quaint Syracuse community with several vacant spots, which left like that, could only lead to more problems in the future. What has happened is the strict zoning requirements have handcuffed the building owners to selling the property to a development organization, selling the property to someone who wants to start a business because they don TMt want to go through the fight, Wood said.

Bottom line, no one wants to see something like this happen again, because next time, it could be much worse.