Neighbors fighting to keep post office open

Closed signs could take on a whole new meaning at the Elmwood Post Office when the United States Postal Service completes a consolidation study.

In less than one month, Pauline Finch racked up 700 signatures in support of keeping this post office open. The closest is less than a mile away, but Pauline and others say it's simply too far. Pauline says, "It's going to cost seniors 60 cents to go, and 60 cents to come back and 44 cents for a stamp. So that's a dollar 64 to mail one letter."

Maureen Marion is with the Postal Service and says talk of closing could be premature, since the USPS is still looking at its options. Maureen says, "Historic trends of how it's used. What is its revenue? How about box customers, how is that working for us?"

The debate is drawing attention at the highest levels of government. In a statement to Action News, Senator Charles Schumer says, "Before shutting down a single post office, it is critical that the United States Postal Service carefully listen to local residents."

That's something Pauline hopes will happen. Pauline says, "We would be very very happy. Very very happy. Because this is what we want. This is what we deserve."

Maureen says no matter what the outcome is, there won't be any effect on mail delivery since it is only a partial post office. She also says there will be community forums when a decision is made.