Neighbors hear update on the SAFE Act

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fter nearly a year, the SAFE Act is still a hot button topic. Neighbors were able to find answers to questions by listening to a panel including Chief John Balloni with the Onondaga Sheriff's Department.

"This is America, how do we pass something like this as an emergency measure and get no debate?" says Balloni. "This is a law that we're going to hash out over a period of time and some of these answers aren't clear," says Balloni.

Balloni says it's also illegal to now buy ammunition online. A measure which went into effect on Wednesday which impacts dozens out at the forum at the Oncenter, including Burton Menninger and Tom Merrill.

"They're reviewing the act and letting you know if you're in violation of the rules because I'm probably a criminal and don't even know it," says Menninger.

"There's so much of this bill that is just bad, including the way that it was passed. It's shameful really the way the measure was passed, the law was passed," says Merrill.

Also in effect this week, authorities must confiscate any long guns found while coming to take a pistol which has been revoked or suspended.

Balloni says the new laws have taken up so much of the departments time, that they are currently 14 months behind on issuing pistol permits.

"The reality is, that's one of the unintended consequences," says Balloni,

Mason Gile was out listening to what Balloni had to say. "I think he's doing his job to the best of the ability that he is. He's doing a good job and like I said the laws are not making sense to anybody, so he's caught between a rock and a hard place. He can only do what he can do," says Gile.

After hearing updates a year after the law was passed, many here still want to see the SAFE Act repealed.