Neighbors help "Raise the Roof" for Manlius church

Fundraiser for church held here at golf course in Manlius.


inda Hernandez has been a part of the Manlius United Methodist Church since she was 5. In addition to serving as the choral director for her church, she's also selling tickets to dozens of neighbors in Manlius at this benefit for her church.

They need to pay off a thirty thousand dollar bill for a new roof, so now, neighbors are coming out to pitch in.

"Every week, one of the things that we say in our church is God is good and the congregation responds all the time and that's why folks are coming out, because God is good and we know it and we believe and we live it," says Hernandez.

The church thought it had the money for the roof, until its bank account was nearly wiped clean when its former treasurer and her husband stole four hundred and forty thousand dollars of the church's savings over the past few years. They were arrested last October.

"It was devastating. I cried for days. It was probably the most stressful thing that I've been through in the last 10 years at least. It was very sad and just very hard to deal with," says Hernandez.

The church has already raised $13,000 toward their goal. They hope the remaining $17,000 will come from the benefit's raffles and silent auctions as they lean on their parishioners for supports when they need it most.

Brian Ogborn was singing at this benefit with his band, "Zero Point Zero." He says every person helping them out is vital. "I think it gives you more strength to keep moving forward, I mean we were in such a financial hardship that we... I think this brought the entire congregation of the church together even more than it was before," says Ogborn.

The church is still hoping to reclaim some of the money it lost, fighting a legal battle to win back some of its lost savings.