Neighbors Hope for Closure on Heidi Allen Search

<p> <font size="2">Neighbors talk about the idea of possibly finding Heidi Allen after all these years.</font> </p>

As the search for Heidi Allen's remains continues, neighbors are reacting to the new findings on Rice Road in Mexico. Many grew up hearing about the notorious kidnapping case.

"I lived right down the road from where it happened. Actually, that's where I grew up. Right at the end of my road on Albright Road was where she was taken. So, yeah I grew up with it my whole life," says April Scheuer of West Monroe.

Scheuer is twenty years old now and because the search has been ongoing for her entire life, she says its shocking that investigators may be narrowing down their search.

"I hope that they find her remains and that the story just ends. And, the family gets closure and everybody can be at peace with it," says Scheuer.


with the search being focused in a wooded area on Rice Road; it brings hope to the community.

"With the new evidence out there, I'm hoping that this is a big turn for them. It's been an emotional roller coaster for the family right now. I'm definitely hoping for some new evidence to pop up for them," says Michele Deline of Mexico.

"I'll tell you, its been a tragic thing for the family and for the community. And, hopefully its going to come to an end. And for what they have found, hopefully it will come to a closed case," says John Suites of Camden.

While neighbors are hopeful that investigators will be able to find Heidi Allen's remains in the woods, there is a lot more forensic work to be done. The investigation continues tomorrow. The Oswego County DA says it could possibly be another full day examination.