Neighbors hope medical marijuana becomes a reality



amela Charland is hoping Medical Marijuana becomes a reality in New York. She suffers from bi-polar disorder and says marijuana helps her in a way prescription medication does not.

There's less side effects and I feel better with the Marijuana as opposed to just taking a narcotic that also stays in my system longer than the marijuana would," says Charland.

Soon the State may be allowing Charland to legally obtain medical marijuana helping her and others manage chronic pain. Others like Jordan Salamone think legalizing medical marijuana will only lead to further problems.

"I think it just can be an issue when it becomes almost an addiction that you can't get rid of and people would go through withdrawals and stuff like that," says Salamone.

Jerry Hoffman is the Executive Vice President with the Onondaga County Medical Society. He says the Governors plan is aimed at helping patients who cannot find help through traditional medicine.

"People in dire pain that is not addressed by anything, this is just another avenue to give them relief," says Hoffman.

The Governor's proposal would grant medical marijuana to patients with illnesses like cancer or glaucoma, but Charland wants mental illnesses like bi-polar disorder to be included as well.

"Xanax, that's a benzo. It stays in your system even a couple of days later you can still feel it, with the marijuana you don't, it's there and gone," says Charland.

The Governor is expected to announce the executive action during his State of the State Address on Wednesday.