Neighbors hoping for answers after flooding

People who live along Gulf Rd. in the Town of Onondaga say they're fed up. Since Tuesday, they have had flooding problems and, so far, they say nothing has been done to help.

The flooding has caused damage to yards and is seeping into basements. It flows right down the middle of the street like a small stream. Neighbors say the water is also causing problems with the septic system.

"Everything's just saturated," says Joe Cole, who dug two trenches in his backyard to keep the water out of his basement. "There's nowhere for the water to go. It's trying to perk up through the flood in my basement."

Neighbors say they're concerned the water is coming from a quarry area that used to be a munitions factory.

A representative from Sen. John DeFrancisco's office says staffers are working with the neighbors to try to address the problem.

Onondaga Town Supervisor Tom Andino says a meeting was held Friday with town and state officials. He says they analyzed the extent of the problem, and now they will come up with potential solutions.