Neighbors in Ithaca prepare for snow and cold

Bags of salt in Home Depot.

If you look outside the Home Depot in Ithaca, you'll see the snow just starting to fall.

After seeing how cold it is going to be outside, Anina Rehkugler is looking for some new gloves to help her through these frigid temperatures. "I hate the cold. I've lived here all my life but I hate the cold it's really really not liking it," says Rehkugler. "My hands get very cold and very raw in the wintertime so they're really dry and I have to keep them protected, any kind of glove I like to find."

Like many shoppers out she is looking to pick up other winter necessities like an ice scraper which she has already bought in previous years.

"They always disappear, you think oh I've got them, I've got them from last from last year and you go to look for them and you're like they're gone oh no where'd I put it," says Rehkugler.

For other neighbors out shopping at Home Depot, their concerns go beyond the gloves on their hands and more onto their driveways and how they will keep them safe.

Godfrey Simmons lives near downtown Ithaca and he's always concerned about other neighbors slipping on his property during a snowstorm.

"Ithaca is a pedestrian city in a lot of ways, particularly downtown. A lot of people cut through our streets as well," says Simmons.

He's out at Home Depot buying a bad of salt to help make sure his two year old son is also safe when he plays in the snow.

"For kids making sure there's no ice on the ground that can be a big issue too. You've got little kids running around and stuff like that and there's a lot of little kids on our street too," says Simmons.

As the snow gets heavier over the next few days, both Anina and Godfrey will be happy they made a stop in advance of the snow.