Neighbors in Solvay cleaning up wet, muddy mess

It's clean-up time for folks in Solvay after Tuesday's powerful and violent storms swept through the area.

On Montrose Avenue, it's a wet and muddy mess neighbors say they have never seen before.

"I don't want to advertise my house for sale as occasional lakefront property because it literally was a lake this time," says Marie Donigan, a Montrose Ave. resident.

Residents say they've seen flooded streets and basements before -- but it's never been this bad. Neighbors blame the Town of Geddes for the problem, saying streets haven't been properly cleared and the drainage pipes aren't adequate.

Town Supervisor Manny Falcone said the root of the problem sits just a few blocks west of the neighborhood at the Westcott Reservoir. He said mud came racing down from the reservoir and into surrounding neighborhoods.

"As time goes on, there needs to be coverage and green foliage needs to grow on the dirt," Falcone says. "And so, unfortunately, when the rain comes down, there is nothing to hold the soil and the soil washed away and here we go. This is the result."

Falcone said town officials met this morning and have reached out to the city of Syracuse, which owns the reservoir, to try and find a solution before another storm hits.

Syracuse Water Commissioner Debbie Summers says there is not much the city can do. She says some mud did come from the reservoir, but there is no way to prevent the damage done to the neighborhood because the storm was so severe.

Summers and Falcone say they would like to improve the drainage systems in many neighborhoods, but right now, the money is not available.

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