Neighbors listen to plans for future of "Chess Park"

The vacant lot where Marvin Bryant died earlier this month.

On the south side of Syracuse neighbors were finding out all they could about a new park coming into their community.

Richard Breland lives right next door to the vacant lot. "We want it to be well maintained and patrolled and this is to keep unwanted people out of the park that shouldn't be there," says Breland.

The city is planning to build Sankofa Park on the vacant lot where Marvin Bryant, 65, died. It will be filled with chess tables, sand boxes and even a small stage for children to perform on.

The park has received criticism from some neighbors saying it would only invite more crime into their community.

Baye Muhammad is the commissioner of Parks and Recreation in Syracuse. "By beautifying the place, getting the community involved and cleaning up the space and really taking ownership and pride we believe that those elements will go away," says Muhammad.


hile many neighbors out here on the south side of the city were here to learn about the future of the park or simply be a part of their community. Other neighbors were trying to find answers to their questions

, including the people who work at the Beauchamp library.

Susan Reckhow is with the Onondaga County Library system. "Because the park or proposed park is adjacent to our property, of course we have a vested interest in what happens to that space," says Reckhow.

The city says they are taking every question and concern into question before they meet again sometime next month as they continue planning.

"Yes they came up with some great ideas and they're still working on it and it sounds like they may do it, but they will still have some more meetings on it," says Breland.

Those here say they hope this park will continue to add to the ongoing redevelopment in their south side community.

The park is scheduled to be open next summer.