Neighbors pack Penn Yan Middle School for Red Cross flood meeting

Neighbors packed the Penn Yan Middle School auditorium for a Red Cross community meeting about last week's floods.

Dozens of neighbors packed the auditorium of Penn Yan Middle School, hoping for new information after last week's devastating floods.

Lee Sackett was at the meeting to support his neighbors. Sackett said the damage to his home was not bad compared to his neighbor's homes.

"We need help for a lot of people," said Sackett. "I'm hoping that we can get some help from both the state and federal government."

The Red Cross said it is only now looking at the general recovery effort before handling anyone's specific situations.

There is no estimated cost for the damage, but neighbors are hoping for some sort of relief.

"When you're flooded out and desperate, you'll take anything you can get," said Sackett.

"Financially, we can't afford to put a new furnace in," said Susan Spoor, whose home was flooded with six feet of water. "We also had the central air unit that was underwater. We don't know how long that's gonna last. It's just a lot."

Some neighbors hoped the meeting would help to streamline the recovery process.

"We can figure out where to go, but it saves an awful lot of time if somebody says, 'Okay, here's the information. This is what you have to do,'" said Patti Kiml, who is hoping for financial assistance to repair her backyard.

Until Kiml hears about any assistance, she is doing what she can to minimize the damage.

"Get the water out, get fans on it," said Kiml. "To keep the mold down, I've got dehumidifiers going, and just waiting for things to dry out."