Neighbors react to fire which kills three in New Hartford

Fire in New Hartford


n a quiet suburban Street in New Hartford, Jennifer Spinella and Tom Liesch looked out their windows this morning to see flames shooting out of a home right next to them.

"I heard the sirens and I didn't think anything of it and then I opened my front curtains like I normally do and I see all the cars and the cops everywhere. Cops running down Osborn Road here. So I watched them walk down the street and then I looked out my back door and I noticed that the house was engulfed in flames," says Spinella.

"When I came walking around the corner, I saw the smoke, came around the corner and there was just fire. I mean flames out of every window, doors. I mean it was just devastating. I don't know how else to explain it," says Liesch.

Hearing the news that three people were killed in this fire, two who were young children, truly hits home.

"It hits me hard. It's very hard to hear about that. Anything with anybody who lost their lives is horrible, but a child it breaks my heart," says Spinella.

"I got three grandchildren, two grandchildren living right across the street from me. It's scary, you don't know where it's gonna happen, when it's gonna happen, never know," says Liesch.

Neighbors say there was one adult and one child who were also living here who survived. After seeing their home burn, some in this neighborhood are asking for the rest of the community to help this family.

"Donate things if you have them. You know I head that one child was taken out and safe and they were young and all of their belongings and gone, so just donate whatever you don't use and let these people have these things that they lost in the fire," says Spinella.

Police and Fire crews continue investigating, hoping to find answers to what caused such a tragic fire.