Neighbors react to Mark Carrigan Arrest

Mark Carrigan

Wilkinson Street looks like any other street and to many neighbors that's the scary part.

Mark Carrigan was living for more than 2 years at a house on Wilkinson Street in Syracuse with his boyfriend and his family. One of those family members living in the same complex as Carrigan was his boyfriends' niece, Rachael Rossetti.

"He was the type of guy, he would want to be with the younger crowd. He liked hanging out with me, I'm younger. He was the type of guy, he liked still partying. He liked that young. He liked being around that young crowd, I think it made him feel young," says Rossetti.

Others say this most recent arrest did not come as a surprise to them and many of them did not want Carrigan around the rest of his boyfriends family. Many neighbors up and down the block share the same feelings of confusion and just raw anger after hearing about yesterday's arrest. Neighbors like Shawn Hill and Greg Cronk.

"I can't imagine it, I just don't understand you know," says Hill. "I'd know who he was, I know my neighbors. I know people, I knew where he lived. I don't know him personally, but I know he lived up there, down there or wherever. I had no idea, he's just some normal guy, driving by. Ok another guy over there, a female, just normal people. You never think that this is what he's doing."


It is kind of disturbing and it's one of those things where community watches and good rental practice really does pay off

," says Cronk.

The feeling which is common on Wilkinson Street, which looks like any other street in the city.