Neighbors react to shooting at GOP baseball practice

Neighbors react to shooting at GOP baseball practice

SYRACUSE, NY -- As authorities dig into the possible political motivation behind Wednesday's shooting, there are already deep concerns revealed in the gunman's social media posts.

There are questions about whether deep political divides are opening up the potential for serious danger.

Shocking video captured the horrific moment the gunman, 66-year old James T Hodgkinson, fired during the GOP baseball practice.

Neighbors said it was awful to hear about yet another act of violence.

"I think this is a crazy world we live in today and I think we have to do everything we can to protect our government officials," said Len Barber.

"When I was a kid you didn't have these kinds of problems that we have today," added Timothy Shore of Syracuse.

Samuel Kim of Syracuse said , unfortunately, he was not surprised when he learned what happened on that ball field.

"We hear about it all the time, we are desensitized to it, explained Kim.

But what he was shocked about, congress having little to no security. Kim said he wouldn't mind seeing some of his tax money go toward security for those members.

"Absolutely, I would be okay with it, there is enough money being spent on many other things that are a lot less important in my opinion," said Kim.

There is also concern America's angry political climate may be fueling acts of violence.

"They have to unite as a party, as a country because Democrats and Republicans have to get together and set this country on the right course," added Shore.

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