Neighbors Remember Kevin Ward, Jr.

This Port Leyden community is a tiny tight knit town.


lot of times you run into people that you know. Your neighbors, you meet them on the street or you meet them on the road. everybody waves

", says Peter Smith.

Which is why losing one of their neighbors from a village of 700 is that much harder to hear.

Marissa Ludwikowski says


I almost cried. I don't know like he only lives across the highway, like it's right there



When I read about it, heard about it, I mean I was kind of oh my god type of thing. Because I do know his dad

", says Peter Smith.

When Kevin Ward died, he was doing what he loved to do since he was a little boy... Driving. Something which will always be a link between him and his community.


There was one year for career day he came down to the school with his dad and they showed off all the cars and all that stuff he came down

", says Mitchell Ludwikowski.

And it is at the same school he showed his race cars where his story has hit home with current students at south Lewis high school whether they knew the 2012 graduate as a friend, or only by his name.


Like hearing somebody that went to south Lewis it's just really upsetting I can't really explain it to just upsetting

", says Levi Pfendler


Smart kid, he was always smiling every time I seen him. He was funny, he was a great kid for everything I seem of him

", says Marissa Ludwikowski.

A loss for an entire community


y daughter felt especially bad about it being that they're all close friends like that and they all went to South Lewis, they're only a couple years apart. It's definitely a tragedy", says Peter Smith.


s they grieve for an up and coming driver taken too soon.

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