Neighbors speak out after suburban home turns into crime scene

The Dunderry Heights neighborhood became a crime scene after a shooting and a drug bust in Lysander.

LYSANDER, N.Y.---Howard Daniels grew up in a time where he knew all his neighbors, and never worried about much.

"You go to bed at night, the screen door was shut in the summertime, we never locked the doors, didn't have to worry about it," said Daniels.

He and his wife say they're shocked at the violence and drugs that came out of what quiet suburban home- he's not the only one.

"I'm used to hearing the news in the city with all of the shootings, but not so much B-Ville, that's kind of surprising," said Charlene Gwin.

Tom Jarrard has lived in the Dunderry Heights neighborhood for more than 20 years.

"I've seen a lot of activity go on coming out of this house, I've seen them, started off with where'd they'd meet people on the side roads, you know walk up to a car parked on the side and do their business. You know, meeting people as they walked down the road and get into cars," said Jarrard.

He says the latest news--pounds of marijuana found near the house is no surprise.

"I wasn't shocked, you know? I was very angry when this happened last week because where I came from, the way I looked at it is I can't believe it took a shooting in my neighborhood to get the attention to a problem that's been here chronically for years," said Jarrard.

Jarrard says he knows it's hard for police to be on top of everything, but that this situation is unusual and hard to stomach, especially as a parent.

"As a person who lives here with three daughters and knowing other people in the neighborhood that have little kids, having this go on-it just doesn't seem like it should be happening here," said Jarrard.

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