CNY residents clean up after severe storms down trees, buildings

Heavy winds lift garage off ground, slam it down damaging almost everything inside in Madison County

Two neighboring communities along the Madison and Cortland County line suffered major damage from Thursday night's storm.

Neighbors in both counties are now cleaning up a mess of downed trees, buildings and debris that the storm left behind.

One man from Madison County says he's lucky to still have his house. A garage style building that sits on a rural farmland was obliterated, but the home only a few feet over from the garage was untouched.

"Obviously it was a major surprise because we've never had anything in this area like this. We didn't expect it, but saw it coming," Bruce MacRae of DeRuyter said.

MacRae owns the now lopsided garage that houses a trailer, a couple cars and tractors. He estimates the damage will be at least $40,000.

MacRae said the strong wind took a hold of his garage, picked it up more then 10 feet in the air and then slammed it back down. One of the poles stabbed straight through the trailer.

"To me it's just it's gone and were alright. It could've been a lot worse buildings can be rebuilt," MacRae said.

While Bruce seems to have seen the worst damage, others too have headaches of their own.

"I pulled in the driveway and I couldn't believe that the whole thing was all gone," Tim Custer said.

Tim Custer lives down the road from DeRuyter in Cuyler. An entire section of siding was blown off his house, scattering pieces every which way around his farm. The wind was so fierce it wrapped siding right around anything that got in its way.

"I didn't expect that it would go as far especially seeing as how it ended up in the hay field, it just means that we have to do more clean up like everyone else around this area," Leah Custer said.

"And it also pulled all of the nails out of it and it strung them all over the driveway so I had to spend hours picking up nails cause otherwise I'm sure my tires would find them," Tim Custer said.

The storm leaving behind a busy cleanup weekend for neighbors in Central New York.

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