Neighbors upset over possible soybean plant in Homer

Dozens turned out to hear an update on the possible soybean plant coming into their town.


n the village of Homer, dozens turned out to show their opposition to a Soybean Plant which could move into their backyard.

One of these neighbors is Shelly Barhite. "Everything has pretty much been in written communication form and they haven't had any public hearings, which is upsetting the residents and we would like to be heard and have some input on the project," says Barhite.

Homer Soy products wants to renovate the old Soybean Factory in the Village. It has been used twice in the past for soy products, most recently in the early 2000's.

This plant would produce oil and soy meal. To help keep up with the increasing production of Greek Yogurt, soy meal is necessary for cows to eat as they keep up with the demand for more milk.

Even though the company says it wants to help Homer grow by providing internships and scholarships, many in this small community are concerned about the potential side effects development could bring.

Ed Barhite was at the meeting as well while he listened to presentations from the Soybean company. "The elementary school is just a few blocks away and the odor is real bad and we're concerned about all of the trucks. It'll be a lot of truck traffic, the buses are bad enough getting in and out of there and you know what? It's a quiet neighborhood and kids can play and do as they want and that's gonna uproot everything," says Ed Barhite.

Others have concerns beyond the noise and traffic.

John Hartsock was another from the group of dozens who was out this evening. "Not only is it the obnoxious smell, but the problem is soy oil can burn and even explode," says Hartsock.

If approved by the Village's planning board, the soybean company expects to have 16 trucks operating each day and more than 20 new jobs to the area.

The public will be able to voice their concerns to the planning board on September 4th at 7 in the evening in the community building.