Neighbors voice their opinions on high speed rail

Public hearing at NBT Bank Stadium.


ublic hearings on high speed rail lines in New York have begun. Wednesday's public hearing was in Syracuse, where neighbors had a chance to hear about the proposal.

It's a part of how people and products we use to get around, trains. Currently these all run at average speeds of more than 50 miles an hour. Many neighbors giving their input on the future of high speed rail service in Upstate New York say they want these trains to speed up.

Greg Boyer and Nathanael Nerode both came out to NBT Bank Stadium and support this plan to bring high speed rail into Upstate New York. "I think it would tremendously benefit Upstate, because it would allow us an easy connection to New York City. We could get down to the city in the morning and come back that same evening if you had that good high speed rail," says Boyer.


Driving's ok for short distances but I don't wanna be driving all the way to New York City. I don't wanna be taking the bus it gets caught in traffic and flying is kind of miserable

," says Nerode.

The current plan to start up high speed rail between the capitol region and Niagara Falls has five separate options. These all have varying speeds from 79 miles an hour increasing up to 125.

Under this plan, public money would be used to fund a project which would explain railways in specific areas across the state. This could cost up to roughly 15 billion dollars. Other neighbors, like Gary Russell, who were voicing their opinions say this is simply too much.


It's a lot of money and we have an interstate highway system that was built by Eisenhower back in the 50's. Americans love their cars, pretty much we're gonna jump into them and go

," says Russell.


fter listening to the community at the remaining public hearings throughout Upstate New York


State DOT officials expect to have a plan in place over the next 6 to12 months.