Neighbors work together to rescue drowning man

Three neighbors helped save a drowning man, in a backyard pool last August

Neighbors don't always know each other well, but that did not stop some Clay homeowners from helping out a neighbor who had a true emergency, an older man drowning in her backyard swimming pool

Kevin McLaughlin, who works at home, remembers that on that August 19th his wife told him to call 911 because there was a problem at the next-door neighbor's pool. He hoped it was the dog in the water, but when he opened the gate betwen homes, he saw the dog and knew there was big trouble.

Neighbor Deborah Dromms, a nurse, says the neighbor was knocking on her door asking her to come help.

A third neighbor, Kelly Vaughn, also heard the commotion and told her teen son to climb the fence to help.

Michael Vaughn reached the pool and saw the man at the bottom, jumped in and brought him to the pool's edge, where the other neighbors helped get him out of the water. Michael had been certified in CPR just weeks before, and started the life-saving compressions and breaths.

The man, who was visiting from Costa Rica, got breathing again and has made a recovery. He does not remember the incident.

The neighbors agree it's good to have good neighbors, and Michael, who was packing to go to college, says he feels like a good samaritan, but not a 'hero' because that implies sacrifice, and he doesn't feel he sacrificed.