New apartments in Downtown Syracuse are filling up fast before construction is complete

All 12 units at the White Memorial Building in Downtown Syracuse are already leased.

Even though


are still under construction, the newly re

apartments in Downtown Syracuse are selling out fast.

On the corner of Fayette and Salina street, the Pike Block is one of the few projects that still has rooms available. Dave Nutting is the CEO of VIP Development Associates and is urging apartment seekers to act quick, before it's too late.

"Essentially as fast as we've had apartments available, they've been filled," says Nutting.

Unlike other rentals in the area, the Pike Block is staggering the opening


of their 68 units, putting them online as soon as they are available. Chuck Wallace, Vice President of VIP Development Associates says that people are really excited to move to Downtown Syracuse.

"I would say the demand is really high. A lot of interest through our website and phone calls," says Wallace.


or the Merchant Commons just a few blocks over, all 66 units were leased before construction was finished on the building.

John Funic



of JR Real Estate

says that when the

y decided to convert the top two floors at the
White Memorial Building into apartments, they saw the same kind of demand.

"Within a month of announcing we were going to do that, we had them all leased, and that was prior to even being close to being done with construction," says Funic



Lisa Romeo

from the Downtown Committee of
Syracuse, says that the level of excitement that people have for the growing downtown is, "somewhat unprecedented. "

"You have to be ahead of the game if you're in the apartment market. You have to be out there looking and aggressive," says Funic



So, if you're on the fence about buying an apartment, you may not want to stay there too long.

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