New Board of Elections Building

The Onondaga County Board of Elections has moved into a new building just a few weeks before the November general election. The Board's new home is not in downtown Syracuse. It is now located at 1000 Erie Boulevard west.

The move comes after years of lobbying by the Elections Commissioners to leave the location in the John H. Mulroy Civic Center. That location was 15 floors up in the downtown Civic Center tower. "It's much more accessible to voters," said republican Elections Commissioner Helen Kiggins Walsh. "They can drive up to the front door now instead of finding a meter or a parking lot and riding 15 floors in an elevator. It's a great set up, we think."

The new building also allows the Board of Elections to store its voting machines on site. They used to be held in separate building on Thompson Road in Dewitt.

Election workers already say they love the new location. They find it more accessible and the free parking has put money back in their pocket. "The staff here does not have to pay for parking anymore," according to democratic Elections Commissioner Ed Ryan. "They're saving a weeks pay by being here and not having to be downtown."

If you'd like to reach the Board of Elections with questions you can call: 435-3312