New Cell Phone Marketed to Parents with Young Children

Sprint Wego


t look almost like a key chain, small enough to fit right in the pocket of a pre-teen.

Amber McCullin is expecting her first child and doesn't want to have them hooked on a phone so early. "It seems like it's just gonna keep getting younger and younger, especially if you introduce it to that age group," says McMullin.

A first of its kind phone is now for sale in Sprint stores. The Sprint Wego is marketed to parents with younger children. It must be connected to a parents phone, sending alerts such as if a phone remains still past a certain time or if it is going faster than a set speed limit inside a vehicle. Even with an exclusive contact list set, allowing only certain people to be able to send and receive a call or text with the Wego, many parents and those close to young children like Brandy Tebo and Deser'a Ensign say this technology presents too many concerns for their young children.

"I feel like if they're on technology all the time they're not gonna interact really well with the other kids. That's how most things start if they can't interact, then other kids are gonna start bullying kids," says Tebo.

"How many people have pried on children on the computer, I mean they can do it on my phone, anyone can get into any of your stuff," says Ensign.

While some parents are concerned about the potential this phone could have in their children's hands, others like Jacoura Peterson and Nyara Butts say it would only benefit them by providing a safety blanket for young children.

"I think it's a good idea, it's safer when they go somewhere like practice, school, afterschool programs stuff like that," says Peterson.

"It's just letting your parents know in case an emergency happens, like it won't take so slow for the teacher to contact your mom, like you could contact your mom right there," says Butts.

Most parents do agree that the Wego should be discussed individually by each family, setting their own rules and determining how young is too young for a child to have a cell phone.