New deep-fried treats to enjoy at the State Fair

If youâ??re looking to tickle your taste buds at the fair this year, head over to the deep fried specialties truck for something new.

â??This is a Twix before it goes into the fryer. Itâ??s a Twix stuffed in a Twinkie, wrapped in bacon."

Owner Jim Hasbrouck has been coming up with deep fried delicacies for almost ten years and business is booming. So what's his secret?

â??Everything is light and fluffy. Deep fry shouldn't be heavy. Everybody thinks it's heavy when we hit them with a sample and they see how light and fluffy it is they buy. Itâ??s all in the batter and the batter is the key to everything,â?? Hasbrouck says.

Exactly what ingredients are in Hasbrouckâ??s batter? Well that's top secret information. Hasbrouck will, however, happily share with you the recipe for one of his brand new deep fried specialties this year that is already a top seller.

â??This is called a â??Reeso.â?? We took a double stuffed Oreo between a Reeseâ??s peanut butter cups and battered and deep fried it."

So if youâ??re looking for something daring to do at the fair this year, take a bite of one of Jim Hasbrouckâ??s deep fried delicacies.