New details of Bridgewater father's arrest for beating baby son to death

Brayden Gulbin

In a news conference Thursday morning, Oneida County investigators released new details about the beating death of a 13-month-old boy in the Town of Bridgewater.

31-year-old Ian Gulbin is charged with manslaughter in the death of his infant son, Brayden Gulbin. An autopsy revealed the child suffered bruising and contusions to his head and face, two skull fractures, cuts to his liver and internal bleeding. Court documents obtained by our sister station WKTV in Utica say Gulbin slammed Brayden into a hard object.

Investigators believe this happened sometime between the time the baby's mother left for work Sunday night, and returned early Monday morning. Gulbin didn't get medical attention for the baby boy. Instead, he left him in his bedroom, where Brayden evneutally died.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office says the chid's mother, Anastasia Hogen, made the 911 call from the Gulbin's home on Doe Road just before 7:30 Monday morning. Investigators say she and Gulbin were dating, and lived together with Brayden and Hogen's 8-year-old son.

Hogen got back to Bridgewater from working an overnight shift in Norwich, 45 minutes away, about 7:20 Monday morning. She told investigators she had prepared a bottle to bring into Brayden's bedroom, and it was when she walked in that she found her son unresponsive, lying on the floor, near his crib.

Hogen told investigators she last saw her son alive when she left for work and checked on him at 9:30 Sunday night. He was left home with Gulbin and her 8-year-old son.

Sheriff's deputies say Brayden was dead when they arrived at the Doe Road address, within five minutes of the time the call to 911 was made.

The Oneida County District Attorney's Office helped in the investigation.

An autopsy was performed Tuesday morning. That's when Brayden's death was ruled a homicide.

Gulbin was arraigned on first-degree manslaughter and sits in the Oneida County Jail on no bail. He's due back in the Town of Floyd Court next Monday.