New development could be coming to Carrier Circle eyesores

For years, the Howard Johnsons Hotel and gas station next to it have sat empty off Carrier Circle. Over the years the two vacant properties have become dilapidated.

Onondaga County Legislator Danny Liedka says for many visitors to Syracuse these crumbling and graffiti covered buildings are the first sights they see.

"This is an absolute embarrassment to the area. A lot of people, they come to this area to stay in these hotels and that is there first impression of this area. Something needs to be rectified here. This is prime real estate and think there is a lot of potential but it is time for action," he says.

Onondaga County auctioned off this property back in October of 2002 to Hampshire Hospitality. The Pennsylvania based company had plans to build an 80 room hotel but so far nothing has been done. One problem delaying the project has been the building of an access road to the hotel.

In order to build the road, the McDonalds next door needs to agree to allow the road to cross its property. They would also have to move their drive-thru window in the back of the restaurant.

Dewitt Town Supervisor Ed Michalenko says that problem finally appears to have been solved.

"Negotiations are ongoing between McDonalds and the former Howard Johnsons regarding a right-of-way agreement across McDonaldâ??s property and the relocation of the McDonaldâ??s drive-thru. We expect these issues to be resolved by spring," he says.

Liedka says rebuilding the old hotel and gas station should help spur development that is already getting started in other parts of the area.

"This is a big piece of the puzzle To bring this area together and really restore some of the glory. This was once a very popular part of town and its lost its luster. Now we get a chance to get off the canvas and rejuvenate it."