New device makes it easier for doctors to identify skin cancer

Just because we're heading into the winter months it shouldn't keep the risk of skin cancer off your mind.

It's the most common cancer in the U.S. and one in five Americans will develop it in the course of a lifetime.

Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga sees patients with skin cancer almost daily. It's his specialty as a dermatologist. Finding it early saves lives so when a new device, called Melafind, became available he had to be one of the first in Ohio to use it.

"The computer software has over 10,000 images of melanoma so by creating this three dimensional picture the computer creates an algorithm and compares this images to the melanoma pictures," Dr. Garcia says.

He says a study showed Melafimel and found cancer 98 percent of the time. Recently the Melafind device was named one of the Cleveland Clinic's Top Ten medical Innovations for 2013.