New Granby town clerk appointed; will he sign same-sex marriage licenses?

The Granby Town Board appoints John Snow as the new Town Clerk. / Photo: Alex Dunbar

After meeting in executive session, the Granby Town Board introduced their new - though temporary - Town Clerk. Former Deputy Supervisor John Snow will be sworn in as clerk on Sunday and will hold the office though December. After the board meeting, Snow said he would sign same sex marriage licenses.

"I will do my job as the law instructs me to do and I will leave any religious beliefs and what I believe outside," said Snow. "Everyone should be treated fairly."

The Town Board said it would be up to Snow to decide if current Town Clerk Ruth Sheldon could stay on as a deputy clerk. Sheldon resigned her position effective Saturday because she was not willing to sign off on same sex marriage licenses. S now said he hoped to keep Sheldon as a deputy and clarified that deputy clerks do not have to sign marriage licenses. Snow noted that Sheldon has more than 15 years of experience as Granby Town Clerk.

"This is a relatively small town and she knows the people here. She knows the processes and I think it's important for her to train me," said Snow.

After the meeting Sheldon said that while she wasn't comfortable signing same sex marriage licenses, she hopes she can continue doing the other parts of the job.

"I'm very willing to sign on - I really like my job," said Sheldon.

Some Granby neighbors weren't happy that the board discussed the issue privately in executive session but were glad the town would allow Sheldon to stay in another role.

"She's been a fine town clerk. I just think things went beyond what she can put up with I guess," said Granby resident Les Holmes.

"There will be an election in November for a permanent Town Clerk. The Supervisor says each political party in Granby can put a candidate forward and the winner will start as Town Clerk in January 2012. Sheldon said she would like to stay as a deputy clerk into 2012 but said that would be up to whoever wins the November election.

What do you think? Should the next Granby Town Clerk keep Ruth Sheldon as a deputy even though she doesn't support same sex marriage?