New Hartford Police creates Facebook page

The New Hartford Police department announced Thursday that they created a Facebook page after seeing the success of Utica Police departmentâ??s Facebook page.

New Hartford Police say theyâ??ve worked closely with Utica Police. When needed, New Hartford information was posted to Utica Policeâ??s website and Facebook page.

Chief Inserra felt it was time for New Hartford to move forward with the times including communicating via social media. Social networking sites have been shown to help police identify crime suspects and help citizens feel connected to their community.

New Hartford Police has already had community assistance solving a crime through its Facebook page. Police say that within 30 minutes of posting a picture of a shoplifting suspect on their new Facebook page, a name was put to the face.

New Hartford Police say they will continue to post more information on their page. They say the page gives them an opportunity and outlet to let people know whatâ??s going on in the community and help citizens connect with the police department.

Also on Facebook are the New York State Police, the City of Syracuse, the Syracuse Police Department and the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office.