New Hartford Police remind residents to lock car doors after rash of break-ins

Out of sight, and out of mind. Thatâ??s the theme of a warning from the New Hartford Police Department, which has seen an uptick in car larcenies and break-ins.

Police remind residents to lock cars overnight and make sure all valuables are removed from the vehicle, so potential burglars are not tempted.

Police say thereâ??s been a recent rash of car break-ins in the areas around Fairway Drive, Winchester Drive, Washington Drive, and Higby Road.

In most cases, the vehicles have been left unlocked.

Police say in circumstances where windows are broken, it's most often because the victim has left a valuable item in plain sight, though their vehicles may be locked.

New Hartford Police encourage people to call police if they hear or see anything suspicious, regardless of how late or early it may be.

Investigators say most of the break-ins are happening in the late evening, or early morning hours.

Any person walking around at night should raise a red flag to neighbors, especially if they do not recognize the individual(s) as residents of the neighborhood.

You may stay up to date on the situation by checking in with the New Hartford Police on Facebook.

If you have information that could help in the investigation, or you've seen something suspicious, call (315) 733-6666, or e-mail tips.