New Hartford woman charged with animal cruelty for emaciated dog

      Kerry Meeter

      An Oneida County woman is accused of animal cruelty after her emaciated dog was found running loose.

      30-year-old Kerry Meeter, of New Hartford, is charged with failing to provide necessary sustenance to an animal, a misdemeanor, as well as failing to license and vaccinate her dog.

      On Tuesday, New Hartford Police responded to a report of a dog running loose on Mallory Road in the Village.

      The dog, named Casey, was so skinny that an animal cruelty officer took it to a veterinarian clinic to be treated right away.

      The veterinarian said the dog was underweight, severely dehyrdrated and emaciated.

      Casey, a black lab mix, is now in the care of the Steven Swans Humane Society where she will stay until an adoption can take place.

      Investigators estimate Casey is between 4 and 6-years-old.

      Meeter, meanwhile, was arraigned before a judge and released after posting bail.