New health crisis for Baby Easton, Monday surgery postponed

Easton Friedel's family has posted this x ray of his lungs on the baby's Facebook support page. They say it indicates a buildup of fluid. He's on new medication, but surgery to make breathing easier is postponed.

A new medical crisis for the baby who was born with a genetic disease that causes blisters all over his skin.

Baby Easton Friedel has now developed fluid around his lungs, according to the family's latest Facebook posts. The almost seven month old has been put on medication to treat fluid retention.

The Weedsport baby was supposed to undergo surgery for a tracheostomy on Monday, to open a permanent airway to help him breathe when he cannot, on his own. He was then supposed to go on a ventilator, with his parents getting training from the hospital to operate the new equipment. And, there are plans to also now provide certified nursing care at home. The surgery, and the followup plans, are now on hold until the baby's condition has stabilized.

The 'Support Baby Easton Friedel' Facebook page has continuing updates. Here is the latest posted, Sunday 3pm:

I know you are all worried so I will update. Easton has a bacterial and viral infection in his lungs and his heart sounds weak. He still has a fever and even though he is on the highest setting on the vent he is still desatting. Its been a week and his condition is continuing to deteriorate despite the best efforts on the part of the medical team, who are still doing everything they can. His surgery tomorrow is obviously canceled. All the family is there with Easton and his parents, please respect their privacy during this fragile time. I promise to update as things progress. I know this is not good news, and we have all shed many tears...but I am comforted knowing its out of our hands and God has a plan for Easton. He has already made a huge impact on this world and in so many lives. Please join us in praying for a miracle for this sweet and beautiful child we all love so much