New hope in disappearance of Carol Wood

Carol Wood


n almost any day next to lock three on the Oswego Canal, you can see the mist rising out of the water.

On Friday, many neighbors in Fulton saw something much different come out of the canal.

Michelle Hadcock lives in Fair Haven and remembers when Carol Wood went missing from Oswego nearly 20 years ago. "People have wondered for years and years what happened, what the end of that story was and where this person had disappeared to," says Hadcock.

After seeing a red, early 1990's Toyota Corolla sedan brought up from the bottom of the canal, it brought hope to the family of missing Oswego mother, Carol Wood.

She was last seen driving a car exactly like the one pulled from the canal home from a bar in Oswego during the summer of 1996.

Janice Growe is Carol Wood's sister. "If it's her, it will definitely bring closure and peace. Peace for her that's the main thing that she's not in that watery grave anymore," says Growe.

While it will be some time before the medical examiners office can identify the human remains found inside, many in the Fulton community are hoping for an answer which could help her family begin to heal.

Teresa Borden lives in Fulton. "I certainly hope that it does find them peace and that it does turn out to be her car and that they can get some rest from this situation," says Borden.

"She was my youngest sister. I'm 10 years older than she is. Part of my heart is gone now, definitely," says Growe.

With very little known about Carol Wood's disappearance, paired with many new questions now raised, Wood's family says they hope anyone with any information will come forward to help authorities with this case.

On Wednesday at 1 in the afternoon, Carol's family will lay wreaths at the site where the Toyota was pulled from the water. Canal Park is down the hill from Towpath Towers at 100 Rochester Street in Fulton.

Oswego Police can be reached at 343-1212.