New inclusive playground coming soon in Town of Owasco

OWASCO, NY -- Liam is one fast and energetic 5- year-old. He gets around in a wheelchair and it's green for his favorite color.

Liam was born unable to walk. He has Arthrogryposis, which is a joint contraction disorder. His dad, Andrew Cammer, said it's a challenge for Liam to have fun on the playground, something his son loves to do.

"A lot of them have bark chips or old chewed up tires, you can't roll a wheel chair on those, so he can't get around and slides aren't accessible, none of it is. It wasn't designed for kids in wheelchairs," explained Cammer.

But Liam took his wheels to a new playground in Owasco. It's under construction, but soon will be a spot for all kids to play together as it is ADA Handicap accessible.

"We want all kids that enjoy and learn and play and play where they live. Having it in this community, we welcome all people from all over the country to come and enjoy this playground," said Ed Wagner, Town of Owasco Supervisor.

This new set is just the beginning as the town is raising money for a splash pad. Wagner said they still need about $15,000 to have it installed and ready for the summer. Neighbors and even people from all over the country have already made donations.

"We had people from California, from Maryland, from Maine. People who used to live here and saw it and responded greatly," added Cammer.

As Cammer enjoyed getting a sneak peak of the new park, he can't wait to make more memories.

Colleen Lorenzo of Auburn lives around the corner from the park. Her daughter has special needs and knows a playground like this will let both of her girls play together.

"Being able to push her around or play with her and push her on a swing and actually engage with her on the playground," said Lorenzo

"We get to just kind of be normal people for once and interact in the same way all the other kids are, we won't have to worry how we are going to get on the playground, is there anything he can do there," said Cammer.

Liam already feels at home one his new playground.

If you would like to donate to the park you can do so by clicking here.

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