New lawsuit reveals David Renz may have targeted other potential victims

David Renz

New details in the case against David Renz were unveiled in a lawsuit filed today.

According to a report on, Renz had set his sights on another woman and child the same night he murdered Liverpool school librarian Lori Bresnahan and raped a 10 year-old girl. According to the lawsuit, Renz followed the first woman and her daughter on March 14, 2013 from a gymnastic class at CNY Gym Centre at the Great Northern Mall in Clay. They sensed danger, got into their car and quickly locked the doors before Renz could get to them.

The lawsuit was filed in State Supreme Court on behalf of the 10 year-old girl's legal guardian.

The lawsuit was filed against Renz, Macerich Corporation, the company that owns the mall; and BL Inc., a company that made and monitored the electronic ankle bracelet that Renz was able to take apart to fool his probation officer.

The lawsuit accuses the company that owns the mall of poorly designing the section where the gymnastics center is located, allowing those in the mall to see the young children at all hours. When the first woman and child locked him out, Renz went back into the mall near the Sears store. There was a security camera near that entrance, but no one was monitoring it that night.