New letter required by state law to inform patients of dense breast tissue

Cancer can be missed with increased tissue density


or most women the golden standard for breast cancer detection is mammography. A new New York State law has made it a requirement for any mammography providers to inform their patients if they have dense breast tissue. This can lead to missing a cancer that is hiding underneath the extra tissue.


hen I found the lump on May fifth


you could not see the lump on the mammogram

," says Ann Marie Otis. Ann Marie is a breast cancer fighter. Furthermore, the cancer she had was behind very dense tissue.


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there's other ways that we have to find these lumps

," said Otis. One of these ways is through a self check-up. She also operates her own charity group called, and blog called "Stupid dumb breast cancer."

"The letters will only be sent to women that fall into the two of four breast density categories," said Dr. Stephen Montgomery. He is the Director of Breast Imaging for Crouse Hospital.

These two categories are the worst out of four. The two which will have letters sent out about cause the doctor to have moderate to severe issues seeing a cancer if one is there. The letters are meant to raise your awareness, not to scare you.

"It could be hiding it. It could be behind the lump. The lump could be anywhere in that tissue, but this is putting up a red flag that hey, you really do need to do a self check. You really do need to be on top of your game. Because you don't just have a regular normal breast," said Otis.