New midway rides promise plenty of thrills at State Fair

One of the new rollercoasters featured at this year's State Fair.

Before you can tilt, whirl or spin, crews have a lot of work to do. For the first time in six decades, Strates Shows is not running the midway at the New York State Fair - and Wade Shows wants to make a good first impression on fairgoers.

"We have a lot of stuff people will be surprised to see because they haven't seen it before,â?? Wade Shows spokesman Jim Danton says.

Among several new rides Wade Shows is bringing to the fair is a massive RC-48 coaster.

"This is the largest one in the country that moves around by truck. A lot of people don't want to move stuff that is this big. This moves on 8 trailers,â?? Danton says. "This big coaster will take a week to complete, and we have two of them that we're putting up."

Workers are also assembling another large roller coaster further down the midway. There are also plenty of classic rides being set up that fairgoers will be familiar with and some new ones for kids not quite ready for big time thrills. As rides come together, the changes have been drawing a lot of attention from people passing by.

"I think it's awesome! A lot of cool stuff out here,â?? Chelsea Trovato says.

"I come here every year and I get bored with the old rides, so it's nice to have some new rides,â?? Victoria Pangaro says.

There is still a lot of work to do before opening day. It is often precise, detail oriented work, but Wade Shows handles the attractions for more state fairs than anyone else in the country, and their crew knows exactly how each piece fits together.

"We're in good shape, we got an early start and normally we don't have this much time so we're in good shape,â?? Jim Danton says.