New movie "Bully" creates buzz. Where can you see it in Central New York?

Movie poster for "Bully"

The new documentary "Bully" is creating a buzz across the country. The unrated film follows the story of five children and their families, and examines the issue of bullying among teens.

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"Bully" will be released in some theaters across the country starting tomorrow. In a few weeks, Central New Yorkers will be able to watch it, too.

The Manlius Art Cinema plans to start showing the film on April 20th and run it for several weeks.

"It's something we're very excited about," says owner Nat Tobin. "It's an important film."

Tobin says he hopes schools and other youth groups will come see the film. He says he's already scheduled one school group to watch.

The Palace Theater in Syracuse is also trying to show "Bully." They expect to know if they'll be able to by Friday.

Dr. Cynthia Roundy, one of the founders of The Anti-Bully Brigade of New York, says she's glad the movie is coming to town.

"I hope they talk about the seriousness of bullying," says Roundy. "I hope they talk about the bullies themselves. I hope they talk about the victims."

Some local teens are excited to see the movie, too.

Nick Longo and Amy Baranello are part of a group called Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope that fights bullying.

"I was kind of moved and taken aback at how powerful the trailer itself was," says Longo. "I'm really excited to see what the movie is going to be like."

"I hope that people see that there is light, and they're not alone," says Baranello.

Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope is continuing their fight by teaming up with the Syracuse Chiefs on May 9. Of every ticket to the game, $3 will go to help fight bullying.

What do you think of the movie "Bully"? Would you let your children see it? Are you happy it's coming to town? Post your comments below!